How to Fix iPhone 15 Battery Draining Issue?

Are you bothered about your iPhone 15 battery as it dies quickly? Here, you don’t need to be aggressive anymore. You can fix iPhone 15 battery draining issues by keeping the iPhone in low power mode, shutting down the background refresh function, enabling auto-brightness, turning off raise to wake options, and turning off the location services apps if not necessary. If you are still facing battery-draining issues, you can visit the cell phone repair shop for a professional assessment and solution.

Causes Behind iPhone 15 Battery Drainage

Apple consistently launches new iPhone models annually, often highlighting advancements in battery performance. Regrettably, the iPhone, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max appear to maintain similar battery health levels as their predecessors. While Apple’s focus on enhancing battery life is commendable, some users have reported encountering issues related to battery health, such as the Fix Decreasing Battery While Charging iPhone problem. This concern has prompted users to seek solutions for optimizing their devices’ battery performance, especially during the charging process. Despite these challenges, Apple continues to work on improving battery technology, and many users are eagerly awaiting solutions to address this specific concern.

Here are a few reasons behind the iPhone 15 battery draining:

  1. Background apps
  2. High screen brightness
  3. Battery life span
  4. Background tasks
  5. Email syncing
  6. Software updates
  7. Location services apps
  8. Battery intensive apps

How We Can Fix iPhone 15 Battery Draining Issues

Here are the solutions that can fix the issue of battery drainage. However, if the issue is extensive, it is better to contact a reliable mobile phone repair shop.

1. Keep your phone in low-power mode.

High power mode contributes to the consumption of batteries faster. Put your iPhone on low power mode while charging until it gets more than 80%.

2. Turn off the background refresh function

Apple has a feature background refreshing option enabled by default, which causes your iPhone to warm up and drop the battery fast. You can set your iPhone by accessing the settings and turn it off by following the steps.

  • Access setting
  • Open general setting
  • And turned off the background refreshing option

3. Enable auto-brightness settings

If you use the iPhone with high screen brightness all the time, your iPhone will die sooner. You have to optimize the display settings by following the given steps;

  • Go to the setting
  • Access display features
  • Scroll down to the Auto brightness feature
  • Please enable it

4. Disabled “raise to wake” option

The iPhone has an option of raising to wake, where you can get notified by just lifting instead of pressing any key; it drains the battery early. So, keep this option disabled.

5. Turn off location service apps

All the location services apps drop your iPhone battery. Go to the settings, check the apps that have a location service, and turn it on if unnecessary.

6. Check battery health

Check out your iPhone battery health as it goes down more than 80%, then you have to replace it.

7. Clean, unused widget

Remove the unessential widgets on the screen to protect the battery life span.

8. Turn off background running apps

Close all the background running apps, especially the social apps, which not only affect the battery but also hang up the iPhone.

9. Updates the apps

Updating the apps might help to fix the virus and optimize the system.

Seek Help From Professionals 

If the battery drainage issue isn’t resolved after all the methods that we discussed above, you might need to repair or replace the battery. If you are looking for a reliable solution, Wireless Wave Repair will be the best choice. 

They have expert and certified technicians and authentic Apple-certified technicians to repair different types of issues related to your smartphone. So save time and consult them, as they are the best mobile phone repair shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the iPhone 15 battery drain fast?

There are many different issues behind it, a few of them like using it excessively, increasing brightness, turning on the location services apps, multiple background tasks, and many more.

Can we fix the issues to optimize iPhone battery health?

YES! For sure, you can fix these issues and save your iPhone from further battery damage. For this, you can get help from a mobile phone repair shop.

How do we save the iPhone15 battery health?

You fix it on your own, go to the setting, and alter it by favoring the battery saver.


If you’re grappling with the iPhone 15 battery-draining issue, we have created a whole guide for you. But if the issue is extensive, seeking a professional iPhone repair service is the smart choice. Expert technicians can examine and resolve the problem, ensuring your device operates optimally. Don’t let battery issues disrupt your daily life; trust the experts for a swift and effective solution.

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