How to Fix the iPhone 15 Back Glass Panel Cracking Issue?

The latest iPhone has a glass panel at its back, which gives a luxurious look, no doubt, but it is easily too fragile. You can fix it by collecting the right tools, turning off the phone, withdrawing the screws, heating up and removing the cracked glass, and carefully attaching the new one. If you’re wondering how to fix the iPhone 15 back glass panel cracking issue, we’ve got you covered. For a more professional and secure solution, consider the services of the best cell phone repair shop in your area. Let’s explore these steps in detail in this blog. 

How to Fix the iPhone 15 Cracked Glass Panel

The iPhone 15 back glass fixation after cracking is challenging. You can’t do it by yourself. You have to contact a professional for reliable repairs, as it takes the following steps. 

Instruments and materials needed

The following tools are required if you are repairing iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 15 Pro Max’s back glass panel.

  • Screwed drive kit
  • Sludgers
  • Heather gun
  • Glass remover
  • Sticky strips
  • Tweezers
  • Appropriate workplace

Here are the steps to repair the iPhone back glass panel;

  • Turned out iPhone: First of all, you have to disconnect your iPhone from all power sources.
  • Withdraw screw: With the help of a screwdriver, carefully remove the screws of the back glass panel.
  • Heat up: Carefully use the heating gun or dryer to heat the cracked glass as it easily separates from the film of the iPhone. Take care using the heater, as its excessive heating might damage your iPhone.
  • Detach cracked back glass: By using the sludgers, carefully detach the old cracked glass.
  • Clean up the removed glass film: After separating the cracked glass, remove all the adhesive materials and clean properly by using any adhesive remover like isopropyl alcohol.
  • Replacement glass: Now install the new back glass. Take care when you put it on. Be sure it’ll be fixed and fit around the edges of the iPhone frame. Now smoothly compress as it adhesive to film.
  • Closed by a screw: Reattach the screws and make sure it is appropriately fit and tight.
  • Power on: turn on your iPhone and check all the functions. Is it working properly? Inspect your iPhone carefully after some gap.

Causes of iPhone 15 Back Glass Panel Cracks

The back glass panel of the iPhone cracked is not just due to a drop or an accident but has many more reasons, including:

  • Drop: This is the most common cause that is hard to crack iPhone back glass. It doesn’t matter if it’s too high or low. It impacts easier.
  • Strain: Continuous applying pressure can lead to damage to its glass either by chance of sitting or any other pressure.
  • Temperature variation: iPhone glass is impacted by temperature variation, too; it can be damaged by excessive heat or cold to expand or contract.
  • Manufacturing flaws: Manufacturer flaws can make it more liable to cracking.
  • Clash with a hard object: Clash with a hard object like a coin, keys, or any other hard object can lead to damage to its back glass.
  • Older eras: As the iPhone becomes older, its back glass becomes more brittle and susceptible and has more chance of cracked
  • No case: In case of no protection, increasing the risk of being damaged.

Future Preventions to Take Care of the Back Glass Panel

Here are the prevention measures that will help you protect against future damage to the back glass panel. If you’re worried about checking for Mobile Screen Damage, it’s essential to routinely inspect your device for any signs of wear and tear, like cracks or scratches, to address potential issues proactively.

  1. Cover iPhone with a case
  2. Back glass screen protector
  3. Carry with care
  4. Avoid sticking with hard objects
  5. Keep at optimization temperature
  6. Be aware of excessive strain 

Hire Professionals For The Job! 

If you’re wondering how to fix the iPhone 15 back glass panel cracking issue, we’ve got you covered. Visit Wireless Wave Repair for a fast and reliable iPhone repair service. We specialize in iPhone screen repair and offer the best iPhone repair service. Your iPhone 15 will be in safe hands with our experienced technicians.


You could fix the cracked iPhone 15 back glass panel by following the step-by-step guide mentioned above to repair the back of your beloved iPhone seamlessly. But before anything, ensure your safety. However, if the crack is extensive enough to replace, contact a reliable iPhone repair service provider for a professional and secure solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the steps to repair the iPhone15 back glass panel the same for all models?

Steps to follow the repair are according to a specific model of iPhone.

Is it possible to fix the cracked iPhone 15 back glass on your own without any risk?

Yes, you can do it by following the steps to fix but be careful. If you are not confident enough, then don’t take risks to damage more. Instead, take an expert repair service from a reliable mobile phone repair shop.

Is it a very costly service to be repaired?

If your iPhone has a warranty, then you don’t need to bear the most cost, but if it’s not, you have to take a little costly.

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