How to Fix an iPad Folio Keyboard Not Working Issue

If you have to face the issue of the iPad folio keyboard not working, you don’t need to be upset. You can fix it by checking the basic connection, restarting the iPad, checking the Bluetooth connection, updating the latest software, inspecting the connection, and resetting the settings. However, if you need help from a mobile ipad repair shop, visit Wireless Wave Repair.  

How to Fix the Issue of iPad Folio Keyboard Not Working

If your iPad folio keyboard needs to be fixed and you are tired of trying the basic troubleshooting steps without being resolved. Here, we provide you with more advanced steps to solve this issue. But still, if you face any trouble, visit a nearby mobile phone repair services.

Access battery and power

Make sure that the keyboard has enough power if it is working as wireless or Bluetooth. Replace and restore the batteries. If you ensure that an iPad smart connector powers the keyboard, then inspect if the connection is properly affixed and aligned.

Reset keyboard

If the keyboard has distinct instructions to reset on its manual, follow those. It might enable you to fix connectivity problems.

Rebuild keyboard connection

If Bluetooth connects your keyboard, disconnect the connection from the iPad’s setting and then reconnect it.

Brings up-to-date iPad’s software

Outdated software always causes compatibility problems. You have to make sure that your iPad is operating the latest software.

Access for physical crack

Access the keyboard for physical damage or any crack that may be the reason for interference in its functions.

Explore smart connectors and contact

If your folio keyboard is connected to the iPad through a connector, then examine both the connector and contacts on the iPad and keyboard. Note there’s no faulty connection.

Trial on another device

Try the folio keyboard on other compatible devices to check out where the actual issue was. Is it an iPad or a folio keyboard? You’ll be able to determine.

Factory reset

At the final spot, you can consider the factory reset on your iPad. But be aware that this step will erase all your data. Consider this step when all necessary steps fail to troubleshoot.

Contact authorisation

If all the above steps fail to resolve the issue, then visit the Apple store or authorised providers for expert opinion and professional assistance.

Keep in mind that the troubleshooting steps might be different according to the iPad model and folio keyboard brand. Always prefer the specific instructions for distinct models for any keyboard troubleshooting steps.

Seek Help From ipad Repair Shop

Wireless Wave Repair is here to help you with professional fixes. Our team of expert and certified technicians, with their skills and authentic and Apple-certified components, easily fix the screen crashing, connectivities, and other phone-related issues in no time. To learn more about How to Fix Hairline Crack on iPad, refer to our dedicated guide for comprehensive information on resolving this specific issue


iPad folio keyboard not working well is a common issue, and it could be solved at home just by following the proper guidelines and steps to overcome it. You don’t need any expertise to be concerned unless there are any serious issues. If it couldn’t be troubleshooting by trying your own, then contact a reliable mobile phone repair shop.


Why does my iPad folio keyboard type the wrong character and act unpredictably?

If you have a problem like that, your iPad folio keyboard types wrong and unpredictable characters, then check out the language setting. Check the folio keyboard language setting on the iPad setting.

Is the factory reset of the iPad safe?

Factory reset on the iPad is safe, but be aware that it reset, erasing all the data of your device. So make sure to attempt this after your attempt failed at all other troubleshooting steps.

What is the major cause behind the not working folio iPad keyboard?

There are many reasons behind it not working, but the major one is a software update, which was most neglected. However, if there is some extensive issue, contact a mobile phone repair shop.


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