Make Screen Protector Sticky

How To Make Screen Protector Sticky Again?

Screen protectors are vital in protecting your phone screen from damage, such as cracks and chips. It can be alarming if the screen protector’s sticky part is no longer effective. Don’t worry. We have highlighted some effective tips you should follow to make the screen protector sticky again.

Remove the protector using a toothpick, gently lift it from the screen, remove dust using a dry microfiber cloth, apply the protector again after properly aligning it from the sides, use a dry cloth to press the screen protector so it gets properly attached, and lastly, apply special glue in the sides so that it doesn’t come out. 

6 Key Tips To Make The Screen Protector Sticky Again

Some of the effective tips to make the screen protector sticky again are as follows:

1. Remove The Protector First

To restick your phone’s screen protector, you need to remove the glass protector first. To do that, you’ll need a toothpick. Avoid using sharp blades, as they can damage your screen protector. 

2. Gently Lift The Screen 

While using the toothpick, you should lift the screen protector gently. When the glass is up, you should move the toothpick deeper under the screen protector so it can come out from the edges.

3. Remove Dust 

By removing dust and debris, you’ll be able to ensure that the screen has a clean and clear surface. Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the screen properly after you remove the screen protector. You can also use a tissue to clean the phone screen.

4. Apply The Screen Protector Again 

To attach the screen protector back to your phone, you should align the protector attach it from one edge, and gently attach it.

5. Use A Dry Cloth

After aligning and placing your screen protector, you can use a dry cloth to help it stick properly by gently pressing it.

6. Apply Special Glue

You can also use special glue on the edges of the screen protector to ensure its durability and that it doesn’t come off. Still if you are unable to do it then must take your device to phone repair technicians.

Why Are Screen Protectors Beneficial? 

Screen protectors are one of the best ways to protect your phone screen from damage. If you’re looking to avoid getting your phone screen cracked or chipped off due to an accidental fall, it is wise to take a strong preventive measure by buying a high-quality glass screen protector for your phone. You can save money and time by learning how to remove scratches from your liquid glass screen protector instead of buying a new one.

Can I re-stick a phone screen protector? 

Yes. Re-sticking a glass screen protector can be time-consuming and challenging, but with the right steps, you can easily reapply it. 

How long do screen protectors last? 

A screen protector can last indefinitely, given that you are using it properly. 

Are screen protectors really worth it? 

Yes, screen protectors are one of the most effective ways to protect phone screens from getting cracked or chipped off.

Can I use tape to make my screen protector sticky again?

For temporary fixes, you can use tape to make your screen protector sticky again. However, this is a short-term solution that will compromise the aesthetics and integrity of your cell phone. Therefore, it is advised to clean the protector and re-apply it using special glue or replace it with a newer one.

Final Thoughts

By following these key tips such as using a toothpick, gently lifting the screen, removing dust using a dry cloth, applying the protector again while aligning it properly, using a dry cloth to press the screen protector so it properly gets attached, and applying special glue, you can effectively make the screen protector sticky again and re-usable.

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