iPad Screen Cracked But Still Works?

Many people believe that iPads do not work with cracked screens. In reality, this is not the case! iPad works completely fine, even with a cracked screen. However, you may not be able to see the content displayed on the screen properly. Whether or not you should get the iPad screen replaced or fixed depends on the severity of the damage and the types of cracks. Hairline cracks, which are thin and often limited to the screen’s surface, may not significantly impact functionality.

Similarly, minor cracks around the edges might not interfere with the iPad’s core operations. However, it’s crucial to note that even seemingly small cracks can worsen over time, potentially leading to more extensive damage. While the iPad may still work with such cracks, seeking professional repair is advisable to prevent further complications and ensure optimal performance.

4 Solutions for Your iPad Cracked Screen

1. AppleCare+

If your iPad screen has suffered minor cracks but still works, AppleCare+ is a valuable option. To avail of this extended warranty and support plan, ensure your iPad is eligible and purchase AppleCare+ within 60 days of your device purchase. It covers accidental damage, including screen repairs, for a service fee.

2. Try Fixing It Yourself

To check for screen damage on your iPad, especially if you notice cracks, consider a DIY approach for minor issues. Start by cleaning the screen and applying clear nail polish to the cracks to prevent further damage. For more severe cracks, you may opt for a screen protector or adhesive. However, exercise caution, as DIY solutions may not guarantee complete resolution of the issue. If the damage persists or worsens, seeking professional assistance for a thorough assessment and repair is advisable.

3. Seek Help From Professionals 

For iPad repair services, opting for professional assistance guarantees a thorough and reliable solution. At Wireless Waves Repair Repair, we specialize in iPad screen repairs. Our skilled technicians assess the damage, utilize high-quality replacement parts, and ensure efficient repairs. Choosing professional help not only addresses the issue effectively but also ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your iPad.

4. Replace Your iPad

If you are facing a hairline crack on your iPad, and the cracks are extensive or impacting functionality, consider the option of replacing your iPad. Apple provides a trade-in program that enables you to exchange your old device for credit towards a new one. Although this may involve a cost, it ensures you receive a brand-new iPad with an intact screen, providing a reliable and enhanced user experience.

Is it OK to use an iPad with a cracked screen that works?

It’s technically possible, but using an iPad with a cracked screen can be risky. It may further damage the device, and the cracked glass can pose a safety hazard.

How do you fix a cracked iPad screen without replacing it?

Fixing a cracked iPad screen without replacing it is challenging. It’s recommended to seek professional repair services or, at the very least, apply a temporary screen protector to prevent further damage.

Can an iPad screen crack on its own?

In general, iPad screens don’t crack on their own. Cracks are usually caused by external factors like drops, impacts, or pressure on the device. If a crack appears without apparent external damage, it might indicate an underlying issue that requires professional inspection.


While a cracked iPad screen still works, choosing a solution is essential based on the severity of the damage and your preferences. AppleCare+ is ideal for those seeking warranty coverage, DIY methods suit the adventurous, professional repair guarantees expertise, and iPad replacement offers a fresh start. Consider your priorities and the extent of the damage to make an informed decision.

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